Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Visit to North Hill

With the heat and drought this Summer I haven't spent much tme in the garden except for basic maintenance  The garden still looks pretty good despite the lack of attention.  Last Saturday  I took a ride over to neighboring Vermont to see one of the finest private gardens around.  The home of garden writers and designers Joe Eck and Wayne Winterwrrowd, North Hill is a spectacular garden carved out of New England forest over the last 30 years. A blend of formal and informal this garden is not only well designed but also contains a wonderful collection of many rare plants.  I have been visiting this garden every year for the past twenty years and never tire of it. The garden sits on a south facing slope and incudes a rock garden, many shade gardens a number of garden rooms and an amazing vegatable garden.  What I really like about this garden is the little details such as the carefully placed pots around the garden and the standards on the small terace.  There is a water feature tucked  along a path in one of the shade gardens.  Every detail is well thought out in this wonderful garden.