Thursday, August 27, 2009

African Foxglove

Easy to grow but hard to find Ceratotheca triloba or African Foxglove is worth searching for. This annual preforms best in full sun where it can grow up to six feet. Blooming from mid-summer till fall African Foxglove is deer resistant and also attracts hummingbirds. Since it is hard to find at most garden centers(at least in my area) I grow African Foxglove from seed started inside in mid March.


  1. Tx for reminding me. Must try that again!

  2. Greg, I'm keeping my eye out for this foxglove...never heard of it before! I like the height/color, and it's an!

  3. Lynn, African Foxeglove is not a true foxglove but the flowers do look like the typical foxglove. I got my seeds from a another gardener and will save seed from this years plants for next year. I have noticed that Select Seeds has carried the seeds in the past.