Sunday, May 23, 2010

Road Trip

The weather has turned very warm and dry for late May. Work and family has kept me from the garden until today.  I spent most of the day weeding,watering, and bringing plants up from the basement. Last Thursday my friend Drew and I took a trip to New York City to see High Line and Wave Hill.  High Line is the old rail line that is above the streets down in the meatpacking district of New York.  Once slated for demolition it is now in the early stages of being turned in to a walkway with gardens.   The first part opened last year and has become very popular.  On the way back we stopped at the gardens at Wave Hill for a quick look. I have been down to see this garden in the Fall a number of times so I was looking forward to seeing it in the Spring.  The garden was beautiful( I wish I had more time.) The staff at both gardens have done a wonderful job keeping everything in great shape.

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