Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Abelmoschus manihot

Growing over six feet tall this annual with hibiscus like flowers is a wonderful addition to the late summer garden. Abelmoschus manihot is actually a member of the okra family and is easy to grow in good soil with full sun. The flowers which last only a day are a beautiful pale yellow with a dark center. Every year I plant Abelmoschus manihot at our local public garden where I volunteer. They are planted in front of red leaved cannas which make a great backdrop for the flowers. The plants produce large amounts seed which are easily started indoors.


  1. Ha! I did think okra at first sight! Impressive height, too. Love the red passion flower from the last post ;)

  2. Lynn, The red passion flower is Passiflora piresii which I bought earlier this year. Hopefully I can keep it going over the winter inside.