Monday, September 21, 2009

Over the weekend the temperature dropped down into the mid thirties at night so I started bringing in my tender plants. The greenhouse is almost full and soon my wife and I will start lugging the rest into the house. The hardest part is carrying the plants down into the basement where they are stored in the plant room until spring. Kathy keeps reminding me that going up and down the stairs is good exercise. It is always such a relief when the last plant is brought in.


  1. Happy Fall Greg ;) Your greenhouse looks a decent size. Is there a nice table on the opposite wall as well? I've always dreamed of having a greenhouse...hmmm, someday! Yes, good exercise up and down the basement steps and don't forget to bend at the!

  2. Lynn, The greenhouse is fourteen by six feet and is on the south side of my garage. The opposite wall has a narrow bench for larger plants. The temperature averages around 45 degrees during the colder winter months.